Biometrics and HSE

Integrated Biometrics Solution

Working with the leading Biometric scanning product from our partners at ievo, we offer an integrated Biometric solution that also offers key advances to Site Security, Management and HSE. These three areas help to ensure workplace compliance procedures are being followed and employee attendance can be tracked effectively.

Using our unique 4G biometric network, contractor fingerprint scans instantly check the user’s documentation, clearance for work and required HSE training for that site. If any of these requirements are not met, the scanner will turn red and their line manager is contacted immediately. The scanning ssolution can be used to block non-cleared staff access or placed within a staff room as a time-clock and attendance tracking solution.

All scan attempts are recorded within the system and are included within the site access report.


Site Monitoring /  Rollcall Reports

Using Biometric scan records, Project Managers are able to see the log of users who have scanned in on any particular day. A roll-call refers to Contractors who are currently on the site. Site Managers can use this feature as a rapid report and can also use this to issue Red or Yellow cards to specific individuals or groups.

Fire evacuation safety: With one simple click, managers can access a full list of contractors on site. This can then be filtered by name or printed off instantly in case of fire to ensure everybody is safe.

Working with ievo

Working with the World’s leading Biometric scanning product from our partners at ievo, the PROStruction solution offers key features covering Site Security, Automated Timesheets and real-time Site Rollcall. Our robust integrated solution meets significant challenges within the Construction industry, such as Insurance liability, ‘Leakage’ and lack of Operational Efficiency.

All scan attempts are recorded within the system and are included within the site access report. The system can be configured to notify Site Managers of both successful and failed scans when using the solution at the respective sites.

Integrated CSCS

PROStruction is directly integrated with CSCS Card scanning to ensure workers are always registered to work and have updated their training in-line with their required qualifications to carry out the work. PROStruction alerts management and admin teams if CSCS cards are expired or nearly expired. It also means workers cannot try and game the system by sharing CSCS cards and thereby jeopardising workplace insurance protection.

Training records are also held within PROStruction and user training can be assured using biometrics following toolbox talks and site induction.

PROStruction Biometric Scanning
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Site Visibility

Biometric network across all sites provides linked-up security checks.

Site Safety Checks

Safety Management & Corrective Actions

Instant User Flagging

Red / Yellow Card System with notifications

4G Cloud Solution

With the majority of project work in built-up areas, utilising the growing 4G network makes perfect sense. 4G speeds now average between 5-12Mbps.

The PROStruction solution synchronises biometric data at regular intervals (with manual updates available for administration). Backups are also scheduled to run throughout the day. Data feeds are fully dedicated to the solution and are unhackable: the 4G system does not transmit a wireless signal. Instead, the connection is hardwired into the hardware, in effect turning it into a fully protected system. All transmitted data is protected at rest, in transit and when being received with 256 AES encryption cypher. Our 10Gb network includes multihoming to provide a fully optimised and reactive software hosting platform. Stored data is held securely in facilities based in two separate UK locations: Manchester and London. This ensures no single point of failure. Bandwidth is completely uncontended and aggregated from a leading Tier 1 supplier.

As a 4G / SaaS solution, PROStruction features uptime of over 99.99%, with the ability to connect on any device, anywhere in the world.

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