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One shared dashboard to manage every element of Project Management.

The Power of Using a Cloud Project Management Tool

Within a single platform, Senior Project Managers have the full range of tools they need to work quickly and successfully: from assigning contractors, estimation, live pricing through to client contacts, real-time updates and managing any updates with a clear and effective approval process. PROStruction is a new, innovative and powerful tool for managing multiple Construction Projects effectively.

Effective Project Controls

The success of a construction project is measured across specific metrics such as time alloted, budgeting, accuracy of contractors, variation management and a smooth procurement process. It also hinges on effective client communication and document management and having the correct controls in place to eliminate waste, meet compliance and governance standards (reduce exposure to fines) and promote a generally healthy relationship between workers and clients.

These are the key elements of PROStruction which companies find to be more effective than any other system on the market. At every level of employment, from the QA and Estimator, through to the Admin Team and Senior Management, have access to joined up tools which smooth the process of construction project management.


Plot Management

Prostruction projects are managed directly via Plots. The relevant users (such as QA’s, Estimators and Project Managers) have access to all elements of plot management including required information such as reference numbers and descriptions.

Measured Works

Within the plots are contained the measured works. This includes the Qty Available, associated Activity Group, Quantity, and Labour rate with options to copy, amend, create with a full record of all changes and approval as required.

Variation Manager

Variations are counted as labour completed where a measure was not originally agreed upon. These can be recoverable or non-recoverable. Recoverable are billable to the client, and non-recoverable billable to the project owner.

Extra Costs – Prelims / Journals

To create an accurate breakdown of costs within a project, PROStruction also allows for the recording and approval of additional costs which may come up over the course pf a project. This includes undefined measured works (Prelims) and costs which cannot be adequately placed within a measured work (Journal).

The breakdown for each type of work is easily visible and helps Senior Management to properly explore costing in a logical and time efficient manner. Depending on requirements, PROStruction has the capability to provide alerts when specific costs are added to speed up the approval process and ensure the project is managed closely by the team.

Project Management

Get a complete listing of all active projects with the ability to quickly view critical information. The projects which are viewable depend on that users permissions based on their role – Project Managers will only be able to see the projects they are managing while Senior Management have access to the full range of ongoing projects for review.

Note: Projects can be managed as required with the ability to add ongoing notes for managers (schedule updates and changes) and the ability to raise journal entries against projects. Templates for journal entries allow users to quickly communicate specific information required by clients and management.


Project Costing Summary

Prostruction users can manage all aspects of costings, such project costs for Labour, Materials, Journals, and Orders. Data can be filtered, and made viewable at a low level to ensure each user has the required information to complete their role effectively. Access to specific information can be changed depending on company setup and operating practices.

Within the system each plot has a target activity for that area. PROStruction records labour costs at the agreed rate as per the original tender. All costing requires approval from the relevant Quantity Surveyor (QS) associated to that project before payments are released.

Information, Contacts and Updates

Each project contains a list of linked contacts with that project. This includes internal contacts and client contacts – communication can either be sent directly through PROStruction or users can use the contact details to get in touch. There is also a notes section where communications can be recorded and shared with other people managing the project.

Bulk Variation Approval

PROStruction allows for bulk approval of variations across a live project with the required information to make informed decisions in good time. This means the delay required for cost checking and approval is greatly reduced and administrative control does not become a burden to project management.

Import / Export with Excel

Ongoing project lists can be imported and elements can be viewed and exported directly to excel as required. All exported data is time and date stamped to ensure proper version control. Senior Management can also schedule bespoke reports as required.

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