Payments, Security and Compliance for Construction

PROStruction has been designed with Construction in mind from day one. While other solutions can be used by Construction companies, we work hard to ensure our solution significantly improves the operations of Construction Companies.

Designed Specifically for Construction Companies

This payments platform has been created collaboratively with large national Construction companies to ensure processes are state-of-the-art: leveraging advanced Biometric scanning, 4G technologies, Project Management and Integrated Tax Setup.


Universal Mobile Scanning Stations

The biometric scanning stations which are used in conjunction with the system include key features such as an internal battery pack which can ensure on-site power for upto three days. They are also housed in robust and study units which can withstand any weather or working conditions. The solution requires no technical knowledge and can be used by contractors with any language skills and does not require the user to speak English.


Construction Payments Solution for the UK Market

This solution is based in the UK, and focuses on specific challenges in the Construction Industry. This includes being accessible and user-friendly for non native speakers and requires little to no technical expertise to manage on a day-to-day basis. All on-site technology included is designed to operate effectively anywhere in the world, even in dusty, wet or cold conditions. The on-site biometric unit is designed to operate effectively during power outages: it operates from a single 240v power supply, with an internal battery pack which can run for three days independently as required.

Site Safety and Security

Construction site safety and security are at the core of this comprehensive software solution. Biometric scanning allows for real-time monitoring of persons on site, with the ability to instantly notify any employee (via email or on the platform), as well as instantly issue yellow or even red cards to employees. As a solution that utilises unique ID technology which cannot be stolen or manipulated, the system is extremely difficult to fool than any other. This means that information gathered on the system is robust, up-to-date and can be used as key evidence for inspections and compliance tracking.

Training is kept up-to-date by another biometric system: eSignatures. these ensure that training is always up-to-date and easy to track. E-Signature training sign-off can be taken on-site from a mobile device, then uploaded into the system instantly via a dynamic and secure real-time link. This reduces the time required to ensure proper training records significantly, which in turn greatly improves safety on-site.

Developed Collaboratively

PROStruction has been created collaboratively with large national construction companies and ievo scanners to ensure processes are effective and fit for purpose, leveraging advanced Biometric scanning, 4G technologies, Project Management and fully integrated tax systems into a powerful payments platform.

Kevin James Ltd (KJL) have been leading the creation, development and maintenance of a range of industry focused solutions in the UK for almost twenty years. We also support thousands of users on our hosted platforms, providing front-line user support, technical assistance and engineer break / fixes. KJL also have site engineers who are fully trained and certified in the included technologies, working to clear SLA’s to ensure full uptime for all services.

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