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Client and Business Relationships

Communication is at the heart of Construction. Bringing together so many people on expansive projects presents a host of unique challenges which, if not met properly, can quickly escalate concerns and affect schedules. PROStruction helps companies manage three distinct areas of communication effectively – Clients, Companies and Contractors.

Using PROStruction, construction companies can ensure that all processes involved within project are managed correctly and that at every level their staff have the tools at hand to move projects forward without compromising their ability to do their job effectively.

Contractor Communication

PROStruction contains a suite of tools to manage Contractors effectively – from registration and company setup, real-time site tracking and attendance, bulk SMS sending to individuals and groups, right through to the ability to report on contractor activity.

The PROStruction solution was specifically designed to meet the needs of the UK Construction industry and ensure that all processes involved are quick, easy and reliable.

New User Approval Process

PROStruction ensures the proper channels of approval are followed when adding new people to the system. Contractor registration is designed to ensure the correct checks are in place and that every person on site is currently valid for work in the UK with the correct paperwork attached to their profile.

Direct Communication

With a full notification suite, SMS and Email alerts can be pre-configured to go to groups when required – eg. to pass on site specific information. Via PROStruction, Contractors and Clients can be notified of updates or news which may be relevant to them. A record of all communications is kept for audit and review.

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The Registration Wizard

The PROStruction registration wizard is used to quickly add companies and users into the PROStruction system.

For people (or users), this relates to adding individuals who have a single relationship with a single company. Please note that for users who work with more than one company, their profiles must be created and their details managed by the administration team.

The registration Wizard can be used to quickly add a new Company; Direct Employee; or Independent Contractor. Selecting the conditions for setting up each type of user ensures their required details are entered properly and the correct information is taken to ensure they are paid on time. Checkpoints and criteria for the registration process can be defined by the company as required.

Search Function

PROStruction features a comprehensive search facility which queries all people and companies. It allows those with the correct permissions to see a complete list of all people associated with that person and company, and the capacity to dig down and find the information required quickly and easily. From there it is one simple button to message that individual via text or email.

Company links

Depending on the setup of the user, the individual may be working independantly, with a company or indeed for multiple companies. A simple search for the individual can highlight their links with different companies and make the job of understanding payments a simple and quick process.

User Profile

A user profile is used to store relevant information about individuals and companies. It contains a recent image (or the image from their CSCS account), their address and contact information, payments information and visa details as required. The majority of users are only able to view their own profile (payment details are locked), but admin staff with the proper permissions are able to use the information to manage individuals as required. This may be to view biometric logs and analyse working hours, to contact them directly via SMS / Email or to export their data to an Excel spreadsheet.

The users profile also contains scanned documents such as the right to work in the UK, qualifications and insurance information. 

Reviews and Favourites

One of the most interesting features of PROStruction is its use as a tool for promoting good contractor practices. Each contractor and company is able to gain recognition for completing a task or project successfully. With the proper permissions, managers can rate contractor or company performance within the profile and leave notes which are viewable by other managers and project managers with the right permissions.

In this way, companies and individuals can be sorted by rating and increase the likelihood they will get selected by improving the way they work. This also means that projects which require workers with the highest levels of skill and reliability can be completed in good confidence that all elements are managed effectively by teams with the highest levels of competence.

Contractor Payments

Contractor Payments and Tax Management

A complete Contractor Payments engine is at the core of the PROStruction solution. Both company and individual payments can be created within the system. Once confirmed, payments are committed and added to the next batch to be processed. Archives of payments are kept within the system to quickly resolve disputes and ensure there are no duplicate payments.

Integrated CIS Tax Control

PROStruction hm-revCIS Tax is a key component of payments control. The PROStruction solution is integrated with the HMRC web portal via a secured API. This automates payment of tax and ensures there are no tax liabilities within the business.

Company / People Links

Within the solution, payments are managed through projects, which can be linked directly to an individual, through a company (sub-contractor) or through another individual. These links are often dependant on the type of work and allows for short term employment while ensuring company protection.

Ready for Audit

PROStruction actively assists in the creation of detailed payments reporting for all employees. This includes archiving of all activity across the business, making audits a far more easy and manageable process.

PROStruction ensures that all checks have been carried out in order to protect operations, brand (or company) reputation and ensure that the company is not liable for any fines for breaching financial recording standards.

Passport and VISA Management

One of the key validation steps within the Payments section is Passport and VISA management. All non-UK nationals are required to present their Passport with proof of their right to work in the UK during the contractor registration process. Following new legislation and harsher penalties in the industry, this step exists to protect companies from fines of upto £20,000 per individual.

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Payment Build Verification

Before payment, Contractor Validation must be completed. This includes verification status for UTR Number, Insurance, and CIS Verification. If these details are not present, the user can contact the individual immediately. Payments cannot be made without all required information

Payment Cycle (Due / Batching)

Payments are handled in a lifecycle within Prostruction. Un-committed Payments progress into pending approval into Due for Payment, these are then approved by the Finance Director.

Pinned/Auto Payments

Companies or Persons can be ‘pinned’ for quick access, usually for regular payment actions. This is indicated by a star icon. The ‘Pinned/Auto Payments’ option provides a listing of those pinned.

Contras Register

Contras can be raised against contractors and relevant persons are able to view the payment status to correct any balance which requires resolving. This is then visible in payment slips and B2B documentation.

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