Contractor / Sub-Contractor Payments Platform

PROStruction allows Construction companies to properly track and control their labour spending. Payments are linked with project costing, time and attendance reports and require proper sign-offs throughout.

Contractor Payments and Tax Management

The contractor payments engine is at the core of the PROStruction solution. Prior to approval, all company and individual payments can be checked against biometric logs for accuracy. Once payments have been created within the system, and figures have been confirmed, payments are committed and added to the next batch to be processed. Archives of payments are kept within the system to quickly resolve any disputes and ensure there are no duplicate payments.

Integrated CIS Tax Control

PROStruction hm-revCIS Tax is a key component of payments control. The PROStruction solution is integrated with the HMRC web portal via a secured API. This automates payment of tax and ensures there are no tax liabilities within the business.

Company / People Links

Within the solution, payments are managed through projects, which can be linked directly to an individual, through a company (sub-contractor) or through another individual (ganger). These links are often dependant on the type of work and allows for short term employment while ensuring company protection.

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Ready for Audit

PROStruction actively assists in the creation of detailed payments reporting for all employees. This includes archiving of all activity across the business, making audits a far more easy and manageable process.

PROStruction ensures that all checks have been carried out in order to protect operations, brand (or company) reputation and ensure that the company is not liable for any fines for breaching financial recording standards.

Passport and VISA Management

One of the key validation steps within the Payments section is Passport and VISA management. All non-UK nationals are required to present their Passport with proof of their right to work in the UK during the contractor registration process. Following new legislation and harsher penalties in the industry, this step exists to protect companies from fines of upto £20,000 per individual.

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Project Oversight and Costing Management

Joining together teams with full Project Management

PROStruction has a highly effective built-in Project Management tool. This offers real-time updates for job progress, site inspections and a full breakdown of both labour and material spending. The system also features a Client Relationship Management (CRM) module. This allows Project Managers to securely share costing information (to get sign-off if required), documents, images or files.

The Project Management tool is focused around Plot Development and includes the full spectrum of considerations such as Measured Works, Prelim Targets, Variations (with alerts), detailed Spend Analysis (budget remaining / labour cost / materials) and time-stamped activity reporting.

The project costing area is typically used by Project Managers and Estimators.

Prelim Targets and Variations

PROStruction considers a range of factors such as alterations to original project costing and management of those changes throughtout the project completion. The solution also offers the ability to manage additional factors which are unique to the Construction Industry including further investigation of sites before costing can be started and adjustments to logistics schedules. Using PROStruction for this process ensures that any and all changes and updates are signed off by a QS or Senior Manager.

Recording and Signing off Costs

Plot build data within projects is linked directly with contractors, providing a platform which can be used to share detailed information and manage payments effectively at the same time. This revolutionary approach ensures that all elements of projects are fully accounted for and represented at all different levels of management.

Plot Management through Measured Works

The PROStruction offers granular levels of detail in regards to project costing. Within the system each plot has a target activity for that area. PROStruction records labour costs at the agreed rate as per the original tender. All costing requires approval from the relevant Quantity Surveyor (QS) associated to that project before payments are released.