Contractor Registration

PROStruction allows Contractors to quickly get setup and able to log their payment and industry required information inlcuding CSCS Card, Qualifications and tax details.

The Registration Wizard

The PROStruction registration wizard is used to quickly add companies and users into the PROStruction system.

For people (or users), this relates to adding individuals who have a single relationship with a single company. Please note that for users who work with more than one company, their profiles must be created and their details managed by the administration team.

What is it for?

The registration Wizard can be used to quickly add a new: Company; Direct Employee; An Independent Contractor; a Gang Master; and a Ganger. This setup ensures they are paid properly and the correct information is taken to ensure they are paid on time. Checks throughout the process can be defined by the company.

Biometric Integration (Time and Attendance)

Biometric Registration is a very simple process which begins through the Registration Wizard. Once the users details have been added, the Biometrics section is then unlocked. Contractor profiles, with their payment details, are connected to a large biometric network that covers all building sites.

Permissions structures, setup through the system, then control where that user is able to connect to: ie. what site they are registered to.

Once the user has registered their Biometric scan they are then linked to the Time and Attendance module which allows managers to see how many hours each user has been on site.


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CSCS Card Checking

The PROStruction solution requires Contractors to register their CSCS Card. This allows HSE and Site managers to instantly check the identity of people on site by looking at their CSCS card image to ensure they are who they say they are. Cards are quickly and easily connected to users by Site Managers during the registration process.

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Document Storage

Scan and Safely secure a range of documents relevant to that Contractor. From VISA documentation and identification through to qualifications and personnel documents, PROStruction is a platform which helps HR throughout Construction companies.

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