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Payments just got linked with business intelligence and biometric scanning. Reduce fraud. Improve Admin. Ensure Standards.

PROStruction. Construction Payments Platform

A web-based solution to manage payments for the Construction Industry. Also a costing platform for projects, HSE tool for Site Management, integrated with ievo Biometrics for time and attendance control.

About PROStruction

PROStruction was originally developed in 2003 to exclusively manage Contractor payments. In 2015 the software moved to the Cloud and expanded to help manage other areas relevant to the Construction Industry.

Updates to the system included: CIS Tax Management; Integration with On-site Biometric Scanners; Real-time Site Management (including instant roll-call); and a Project Management Suite to log and update costing and development.

Since the updates, PROStruction is one of the most secure and compliance focused platforms created for the Construction Industry. The solution is now used right across the UK and offers key advantages in operational efficiency. Talk to us now to test out the system and find out more.

Payments and Project Costing

This exciting platform has been created collaboratively with large national construction companies to link payments for contractors directly through a project costing platform. Linking these two platforms together provides a host of key advantages including removing payment duplication and proper signoff procedures.

Integrated with Biometrics

The on-site biometric unit is designed to operate effectively during power outages: it operates from a single 240v power supply, with an internal battery pack which can run for three days independently as required.

Designed for Construction

This solution is based in the UK, and focuses on specific challenges in the Construction Industry. This includes being accessible and user-friendly for non native speakers and requires little to no technical expertise to manage on a day-to-day basis.

Supporting UK Construction Standards

Today the PROStruction Solution helps Construction companies of all sizes ensure proper controls over the quality of work. Any contractors who do not meet set standards will be flagged within the system and the appropriate steps will be taken. This may include docking pay. Flagging, management steps and payment controls are all handled on a single platform.

In addition to real-world contractor management, the solution supports operations by properly managing contractor payments (with direct integration with the HMRC tax system), provides biometric site controls (with direct integration with ievo scanners) and full oversight of project costing (with pre-configred price settings, all input via plots). All of this is managed on a single Cloud-based platform, which is accessed securely by all devices.

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