People & Company Management

Contractors & Sub-Contractors are a key part of any construction project and time efficiency of site workers is vital to ensure a project remains in budget and completed to the highest standards. PROStruction allows both construction and sub construction companies to easily manage every element of contractor, employee and client relationships, from registration and management of H&S documentation, right through to payments control, live notifications and tracking an individual’s actions without the need for a multitude of complex and separate systems.

PROStruction also provides specific protection against sub-contractors who do not have the relevant qualifications or who may have been removed from site previously through the yellow/red card H&S model.

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Construction Projects

PROStruction has highly effective built-in Project Management tools. This not only offers real-time information about project costings, it also allows users to get accurate information about any part of the project via a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Key documents like contracts, H&S considerations and induction control can also be uploaded against a project together with QA related images and reports.

Project cost management focuses around Plot developments and includes the full spectrum of cost considerations including Measured Works, Preliminaries, Variations, Contra charges and journals with detailed drill down Spend Analysis (budget remaining / labour cost / materials).

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Health & Safety with Biometrics

Working with our partners at ievo, a world leader in Biometric technologies, PROStruction has a fully integrated Biometric module using biometric scanning stations developed, build & maintained by us. This allows the delivery of key tools to manage site securities, dynamic time and attendance information on contractors as well as payment control based on day rate workers.

All our biometric stations are constantly connected to the PROStruction cloud via our robust 4G network which enables the system to report real time data like H&S and security alerts.

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Document Storage

A key feature of the PROStruction system is the scanning and secure storage of a range of documents relevant to Contractors, Clients, Sites and Safety. From Right to Work documentation and personnel documents, through to construction plans and QA images, the solution gives the right people access to the documents they need within a few clicks.

In addition to storage, PROStruction also highlights issues with documentation and alerts Managers to key issues which they need to be made aware of. This may include insurance policies, CSCS card expiration and the right to work.

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  • PROStruction Security Features
    PROStruction is highly focused on security and data protection. As a platform which holds critical information, we have ensured that the proper steps have been taken to prevent any intrusion into the physical biometric solution and unilateral security across the network.