Document Storage

Document Uploading

Within PROStruction is a dedicated module for properly managing a wide array of documentation. This module – ‘My Documents’ – gives users the capacity to connect documents with individuals directly, to link them with projects (so project managers have immediate access) or with clients to properly log the approval process.

Document downloads can be in a range of formats including PDF, DOC (Word Documents), and Microsoft Excel.

PDF Reader

To limit the amount of data required to view files and ensure files are universally viewable without additional software, all files are displayed as PDF.

PDF files can be viewed in the browser without having to actually save the file on the device. This means that files can have added security to stop sensitive or financially focused files being downloaded without permission while still being visible for those who need specific details from them. It also means that managing different versions of documents is less of an issue.

Project Archiving

Once projects are completed, the documents which were required throughout the project can be archived so that they do not slow the system down but are still available for auditing and further checks as required. All documents for past projects are still available through the system through the archive and are still searchable to find documents quickly and easily.

Note: PROStruction features OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology which makes text within documents searchable.

Complete Document Management

PROStruction contains everything a construction needs to manage files and documents securely. It focuses on three key areas of communication – Contractors, Projects and Clients. Using this approach, documents in a range of formats can be quickly and easily shared while retaining control and not letting them get into the wrong hands.

The document section is simple to access if the user has the right permissions – they just go to the project or person, then look in the document tab to see the documents associated with that user. If a file is placed in that persons profile then they have access to that file, which becomes ‘My Documents’ for that person.

Files associated with projects require the proper level of permission to be viewable – this is defined by the administrator and based on their role. If they have the required permissions then they are able to see the project documents tab within the project screen.

Contractor Documents

The PROStruction Document Management tool provides users with the specific details they need to carry out their roles. Documents are shared across different permission groups easily ensure a consistency of approach and best practices when considering day-to-day communications.

Using the Document Management tool within PROStruction, Contractors have access to the files which they may need such as:

  • Site Entry Instructions
  • Building Plans and Project Documentation
  • Site Specific Health and Safety Documents
  • Meeting Notes

Project Documents

Project Management requires constant communication and updates of files of all different types. This may cover changes to building plans, delivery schedules, worker changes, planning permission documents and other compliance focused documentation.

In addition, PROStruction offers the perfect platform to provide critical HSE information covering projects and sites – for instance holding information about fire evacuation procedure and EAP (Emergency Action Plans). Used in conjunction with the rollcall function, PROStruction helps construction companies go above and beyond when demonstrating their capacity to keep temporary staff and regular employees safe while they are working on a construction project.

Client Documents

Client communications can be vital to ensure smooth end-to-end management of projects, especially expansive projects. Using PROStruction as a sharing space ensures documents are not missed by clients and they have a constant area which is dedicated to keeping them informed about progress and particular changes which may affect them.

While no Document Management tool alone can fundamentally change the ongoing need for communication, it can demonstrate a high level of professionalism and investment in good communication practices.

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