PROStruction Security Features

World-class Biometrics

Working with world-leading biometrics suppliers ievo, we offer the highest level of security for the Construction Industry. Scanners are specifically designed to be tamper proof, work even when fingers are cut or dirty and be reliable in any working conditions, which makes them the best security partner for the Construction Industry (see their website here) .

Using Biometric scanning, workers who have been permanently excluded from sites cannot try to game the system by reapplying through a different company. This means companies are not exposed to the same amount of security risks when working with new contractors and can verify that all new registrations are not duplicates of other workers with bad records. The instant notification feature for workers who are stopped entering site also plays a critical role in construction security policy.

OTP / 2FA Protection

One Time Password (OTP) Protection – otherwise known as Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) –  requires users to register their device by using a code sent from the system via SMS message or from an authenticator app on a mobile device. When the user attempts to login from an unknown location or is activating their account they will not be able to access the system until their identity has been fully checked. This then confirms the device as safe to join the network.

Depending on the security required and the security policies which companies wish to adopt, two-factor authentication can be set to be required for every login attempt for the highest levels of security. We highly recommend automatic log out after a set period and two factor authentication for every login for administrative staff who have access to payments.

Encrypted HTTPS Access

Prostruction is accessed via a web browser through a secured HTTPS connection. HTTPS is a security protocol designed specifically to keep content viewed on a website safe by encrypting the data connection between the user and the web server. This means that users and servers are protected against ‘Man-in-the middle’ attacks – those which aim to tamper, eavesdrop or steal exchanged information.

Note: You can ensure the security of your connection by checking the text to the left of the URL in a browser. Connections which are secured via SSL and HTTPS display as ‘Secure’ or will show a padlock (depending on the browser you are using).

Profile Build Checking

To ensure all security features are managed effectively, PROStruction features the ability to duplicate a users security setup and for support staff to thoroughly test individual access before any changes are made. This proactive approach to user security helps to avoid costly mistakes down the line and allows support staff to get right to the heart of any issues quickly and easily – offering remediation and resolution in the fastest possible time while never compromising on the highest levels of security over all data within the system.

Integrated Support

PROStruction has an ethos of ensuring high levels of security to protect employees first and foremost in its design. Users which require access to particular files can raise support requests within the system itself, meaning questions, concerns and security requests can be managed quickly and effectively without any chance of compromising the system by leaving security settings more loose. Our support team are on hand to rapidly respond to all permission update or change requests.

Permission Control

PROStructions primary security is centered around users and their roles. Once they login, each person has access to different screens, menus and information relevant to what they need in order to do their task. This has two effects – the first being to make the system streamlined and easy to navigate for most users, and secondly to remove the risk of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. In addition to restrictions on visible data, there are also granular controls covering the ability to create, update and delete information within this system.