HSE Event Management

HSE events are recorded within the HSE Event Management tool primarily for the purposes of auditing. It contains three sections – each of these provides time / date focused evidence of actions carried out by staff to reduce HSE risks and show proper compliance with regulations. At each stage of HSE training users are asked to use their biometric signature (which cannot be forged and is time stamped) to create an in-depth HSE register. This protects the training manager and site manager against claims that proper training was not given or that the correct HSE steps were taken.

The Training Events Manager

All projects require specific training events for each location – this forms part of the induction and meets a key part of the criteria for working safely. This may by built from a generic template which highlights areas of risk and how those risks can be avoided, an induction procedure for the site, the safe use of tools on the site and any other site specific measures which need to be carried out. This process is quick and once the training manager is used to the way they are created, can be managed effectively with the ability to create premade templates depending on the site requirements.

The HSE Events Register

If an individual breaks a specific HSE requirement, such as not using PPE, they can be flagged with either a Yellow or Red card. Yellow cards highlight bad practice and may mean that the user must speak with their manager or redo training. A red card means a serious violation of HSE, such as working at height with disregard for others safety, and means immediate expulsion from the site. Any user which is given a red card immediately notifies their manager within PROStruction, who is responsible for ensuring they leave site and do not return until the correct steps have been taken.

Advanced HSE Event Management

In addition to critical HSE events, there is also a general register to highlight emergent HSE risks (to notify staff), and to add notes in order to protect those on site if any particular incident occurs. This notification method and its impact on general work forms a vital part of effective HSE management.

An example of how this may be used: One of the generators has stopped working and part of the site will have insufficient lighting. The HSE Manager can instantly notify all users on site who are affected by this and tell them that they must not use any bladed tools in the low light conditions, and if they have any questions about this then they must contact the training manager before going ahead – if they break this procedure they will receive a red card and no longer be able to work on the site.

Based on the specific permissions, Senior Staff have access to a fully searchable record of all HSE events – they can use this to ensure that HSE is a relevant and properly managed element of the site, and can use this as evidence, following an incident, to demonstrate that proper steps were taken to mitigate and remove construction workplace risks.

HSE Events and Group Notifications

Managing HSE risks and assessments can be an ongoing concern for construction businesses. Senior staff need to be made aware of users who break HSE rules and specific site HSE risks which need to be communicated to those on site. PROStruction has key in-built tools to notify an HSE group of staff who have broken site rules (and are no longer allowed on site) – referred to within the system as a “Red Flag”. These users are banned from the biometric network and if they try and use any of the biometric boxes, the light will flash red and the HSE team will be notified that they tried to sign in.

The users profile highlights why a user is banned, inlcuding the specific reason for giving them a red card. This may be something which it is possible to resolve, or the result of a serious Health and Safety incident which cannot be resolved.